Welcome to the Rialto Chamber

The Rialto Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary group of actively concerned business people and citizens who have banded together to advance commercial and civic interests of our community.

Basically, we are people who know that far more can be accomplished collectively than individually. A Chamber of Commerce mobilizes these people to form a pool of talents and skills enabling then to accomplish, as a team, in a professional atmosphere, what the individual could not. Why are are members so excited? Because they know this system works for them and for the total community.

Chambers of Commerce broadly reflect their communities, they have become recognized as a central source of information of all sorts about their communities.

Our members know that the Chamber of Commerce is their "Voice of Business" and as such is the one agency working diligently to preserve and enhance the free enterprise system.

By investing in the Chamber, our members have "hired" the Chamber's professional staff to refer clients, to act as resource personnel, to answer questions and to meet individual business needs.  Your Chamber of Commerce also increases working opportunities which in turn increase profits.

Rialto Chamber's Goals

  Call Edward at (909) 877-8800



Office Hours

The Chamber's office is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

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Advertising Opportunity

The Rialto Chamber of Commerce has an Information Center in its office that displays current activities, chamber functions, and announcements.  The ad display is a high quality 11 x 17 inch full color professionally-produced display.  For a very affordable investment of $100 for three months, we feel this is an outstanding way to promote your company and your services to all visitors and members of the Chamber.

This program will be an opportunity offered exclusively to our Chamber members.  If you feel that you would like more information about this, or would just like to sign up for the limited spaces, please contact Lisa at the Rialto Chamber (909) 875-5364.